the earth’s song

Yes, she is singing. This is a song which is known to our solar system, our galaxy, our universe. This is a song known to creation itself. This is a song known to the ones, who having heard it once are then pulled eternally to our beautiful planet. This is such a complex, intricate song, the grand and potent symphony of being, which promises life for so many! A life much different from many lives possible in Multiversum. A life which is deeply physical, grounded into the earth, almost growing from the very dirt of it – and yet a life pregnant with many beauties and the most expansive opportunities ever! A lotus-like life. Today more than ever. Today the song of the Earth is enriched with even more promise, the Sun itself is constantly adding new notes to it, new musicians are taking their seat upon the stage and the music has never been heard before! Many would hear these new notes and draw themselves to this place! Many would dream of stepping their airy, weightless ¬†feet upon our “home turf” for the first time, many would want to experience earth life like never before. Let us welcome them with open hearts and open minds. Let us all sing together!

something we don’t see

It is snowing outside today, the temperature is a bit below zero, and I have to go finish some papers at the office. It feels grey until I come out of the front door, and all of a sudden – there is light! There is light pouring out through the snowfall, the sky is full of these strange shiny silver-yellowish hues all the way to the horizon, and there is a promise of a sun. I can’t see it yet, but everything within me knows that is is there! There is a promise of spring, a promise of blue sky, and there is an absolute knowledge that the Sun is there too. Always.

here and there

Most commonly we start our lives with some kind of socially approved external goals: “to become best in class”, “to get a better job”, “to establish a perfect relationship”. I guess you could easily add some of your personal goals here!

Then comes a time for some of us when the external goals fail to satisfy us any longer. We turn our attention inwards and we set up another type of goals, for example: “to achieve better results in meditation”, or “to find more light within”.

And without even noticing it we are once again hooked with the idea of finding something – pay attention here! Some! Thing! – we do not yet have, or reaching somewhere, some place else, that is not where we are.

And yet again, we miss just being. Being what we are and where we are right now!

I think that…

It takes a life in a real body to understand, that nothing really matters!

warm welcome

Hello there

So you found me, and I found you! Welcome!

Let’s meet each other, let’s have a talk, let’s share a vision of the big new world together! Be my guest!